Mark Savaikis

IMGP0308Mark Savaikis, the Owner, Artist and Piercer of Tattoo International has pursued the art of Tattooing for over 30 years. Mark studied throughout the United States, working with masters such as Cliff Raven and Robert Benedetti at Sunset Strip Tattoo’s and Bill Loika of Fine Line Tattoo’s in Deep River, CT.

While in California, he learned piercing and was greatly influenced by the piercing expertice of Jim Ward at the First Gauntlet shop. Mark travelled, guest-tattooing with Danny Williams of Bridgeport,CT.,Dana Brunson of Cincinnatti, Ohio,Don Nolan in St.Paul, Missouri and Tatu Dischy in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Now, over thirty years later, his Wallingford, Connecticut shop has been open for over 20 years and boasts several talented artists.

Mark’s Studio and his work have been represented in several magazines, and his tattoos have received numerous awards throughout the years.